Biomedical Engineering is an emerging multidisciplinary field that strives to merge engineering and medicine. The Biomedical Engineers’ Association(BMEA) is a student body, consisting of the budding Biomedical Engineers of the college, headed by the Centre of Medical Electronics of Anna University. The association engages in various activities like organizing Guest lectures, workshops, Symposiums etc. that enhances the overall development of the nascent engineers.


Biospectra, our annual technical symposium has reached heights year after year. With its inception in 2012, the symposium has had a progressive journey till now. Having workshops with innovative topics, the symposium has advanced itself in these years. Students from all over India will participate in the various enthralling events, workshops and guest lecture. Biospectra'18 in its 6th edition is going to be a break-through in the field of Biomedical engineering...


One day Workshop on 3D Printing and its applications

The goal of this workshop is to introduce the major areas of application of 3D printing to students and scholars .Most of the concepts would be refocused , extended , and applied to develop an appreciation for the electronic , mechanical and design prospects involved . The session involves the expertise of Dr.M. Sugunalakshmi, Senior Principal Scientist working at the Polymer Sciences lab in Central Leather Research Institute, Adyar . The space of 3D printing is perhaps one of the most emerging fields of research . The exhibition of prominent knowledge will be aimed at applying basic skill sets to understand the real-time difficulties of the 3d printing process and constructing a new aspirable stable solution through enhanced design and mechanism strategies.


One day Workshop on Image Processing and Machine Learning

Machine Vision is a technique for image based inspection and analysis. Simply put, it is a discipline that helps computers see. It is closely associated with several image processing techniques like filtering, morphing, segmentation, etc in combination with pattern recognition to generate a pass or fail output. In this workshop, participants will learn basic image processing and machine learning principles and understand how machine vision can help in better understanding images.


Workshop on Design Thinking

No idea is too far-fetched and no one’s ideas are rejected. Ideating is all about creativity and fun. Get the opportunity to view a problem from a different perspective , to delve into a problem to determine its root cause, encourages innovative thinking and creative problem solving, ensures that the final outcome meets objectives and requirements, enables you to continually expand your knowledge. Duration: 3hrs


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